Recording of deeds, KRS 382.110

The document must have:

  • Full names of grantor & grantee (KRS 382.135 (1)(a)) Effective 7-15-2016
  • First party (seller, grantor) and their mailing address (KRS 382.135, KRS 382.200)
  • Second party (buyer, grantee) and their mailing address (grantee's mailing address required on all deeds signed or acknowledged after July 1, 1970) (KRS 382.135, KRS 382.200)
  • Legal description (Common Law) and OAG 81-100
  • Source of title (KRS 382.110)
  • Return mail address (KRS 382.335 & KRS 382.240)
  • In Care Of Tax Address for the property tax bill in the year transferred (deeds signed after July 31, 2008) (KRS 382.135)

The grantor must sign (execute) the deed and the signatures must be acknowledged. The grantor (or agent) and grantee (or agent) must sign a sworn consideration statement and the signatures must be notarized. (KRS 382.135 & KRS 382.130) The document must be filed in the county clerk's office of the county where the property is located (or the greater part). KRS 382.110.

See the section on Consideration Certificate for additional information.

See the section on In Care Of Tax Address for additional information.

Transfer Tax is collected on the consideration in the deed per KRS 142.050.

Original Signatures - All documents filed with the county clerk must have an original signature unless a specific statute states otherwise. The term "execute" means as follows: To complete; to make; to sign; to perform; ... To perform all necessary formalities, as to make and sign a contract or sign and deliver a note. KRS 382.080

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