Off the Road Vehicle Information

What you need to do:


Vehicles that are not operated on public roads do not have to be registered, however taxes are still due each year. Your license plate and registration must be returned to the clerk's office before insurance coverage of the vehicle is cancelled.

If a vehicle has been unregistered for over a year, but is about to be registered for use on public roads, the owner should complete an "Off the Road" affidavit (TC 96-191). If this affidavit is included with the other registration requirements, the registration fees for the interim period can be waived.


$0.00 - Affidavit notarized out of our office
$3.00 - Affidavit notarized by the County Clerk's office

 Acceptable Methods of Payment



A mask will be required while inside the building.

Only the individual turning in their plate and registration will be permitted in the building, anyone accompanying them will have to wait outside.

For all transactions processed by the renewal department please have all related paperwork in hand at the time of your appointment.  Do not make an appointment through this link for any transfers/change of ownership, or business related to the recording department (deeds, mortgages, marriage license).

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