Corporation Lien for Taxes KRS 269.180

The corporation shall have a lien for all taxes upon the land assessed and upon all personal property of the owners found upon the premises not exempt from execution, attachment, or distraint.  Unless suit is commenced or proceedings had within ten (10) years from July 1 of any particular year, the lien for that year's taxes shall be lost.

After the action of the Circuit Court of the county upon the assessment and apportionment, the circuit clerk shall certify a copy of it to the county clerk,

The document requires:
•    Certified copy of the circuit court order and a copy of the map showing the boundary of the corporation.


The statute addresses this lien release as a marginal release. "When any tax has been paid, the president or treasurer of the corporation shall enter the word "paid" upon the record in the proper column, and enter the amount so paid and subscribe thereto the name of the corporation by him."

The preferred method of releasing this or any lien is by recording a release document. The recording requirements for a release document would be the same as the Release of Lis Pendens.

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