Gas Oil Mineral Leasehold Lien KRS 376.140

Any person who performs labor or furnishes materials, supplies, fixtures, machinery or other things of value to a lessee holding or owning a leasehold, or any right conferred by a lease, relating to oil, gas or other minerals, in the development or improvement of the leasehold, by contract with or by the written consent of the owner or the agent or representative of the owner of the leasehold, shall have a lien on the leasehold or the entire interest of the lessee including oil or gas wells, machinery and equipment, to secure the payment for the labor or things furnished. If the labor or things are furnished at the written request or by the written consent of any contractor or subcontractor, or the agent of either, the lien herein given shall be for the benefit of whoever may furnish any of the labor or things mentioned. The lien herein provided for shall be effective against the leasehold, or the entire interest of the lessee therein, including all improvements thereon belonging to the lessee.

Recording requirements for the lien and the lien release and associated fees are the same as Mechanics Liens – See this section for detailed information.

When necessary for the purposes of such application, "owner" shall be construed to mean "lessee" and "property" to mean "leasehold."

Fee Schedule