Lien for Assessments, Condominium Assocation Lien KRS 381.9193

The association shall have a lien on a unit for any assessment levied against that unit or fines imposed against its unit owner from the time the assessment or fine becomes due. Recording of the declaration constitutes record notice and perfection of the lien.  

The document requires:
•    The name of the unit owner
•    The name of the condominium which shall include the word "condominium" or be followed by the words "a condominium,"
•    Name of the association
•    Book and Page of the initial Declaration
•    A legal description of the land involved or at minimum the property address
•    Signed by the association
•    Signature must be acknowledged
•    Preparation Statement  (KRS 382.335)
•    The clerk shall request a return mail address.  (KRS 382.240)

Fee Schedule