Lis Pendens Concerning Bankruptcy KRS 382.510

Any county clerk shall receive for record and record any certified or attested copy of any matter in reference to bankruptcy which any Act of Congress of the United States may provide for as being necessary to be filed in the county wherein lands of a bankrupt are situated in order to be notice of said bankruptcy.

The document requires:
•    The name of the person involved in bankruptcy proceeding (KRS 382.510)
•    The trustee in bankruptcy or receiver (KRS 382.510)
•    A legal description of the land involved IF there is land involved (KRS 382.440)
•    The document must state the bankruptcy case number in which the action is pending.(KRS 382.440)
•    A preparation statement (KRS 382.335) (if court prepared may not have a preparation statement).
•    The clerk shall request a return mail address (KRS 382.240)
•    The document must be signed by the person or entity asserting the lien or their attorney or agent. The signature does not need to be notarized.

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