State Lottery Corporation Lien KRS 154A.420

Whenever any person who receives proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets in the capacity of a lottery retailer becomes insolvent, or dies insolvent, the proceeds due the corporation from such person or his estate shall have preference over all debts or demands.

The lien shall be of equal rank with the tax liens of the state, or any city, county, or other taxing authority within the state.

The lien must be recorded by the Lottery Corporation with the county clerk of any county or counties in which the retailer's business or residence is located, or in any county in which the retailer has an interest in property

The lien will be against the retailer. The recording of the lien shall constitute notice of both the original obligation to the corporation and all subsequent obligations to the corporation of the same retailer.

Recording requirements for the lien filing and the release are the same as State Tax Lien and State Tax Lien Release.


The Commonwealth is the entity asserting the lien and the only entity that can release the lien.

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