Titling and Registering a Brand New Vehicle

What you will need:

  1. Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin properly assigned by the selling dealer
  2. Application for Title/Registration (TC96-182) (See Example)
  3. Odometer Disclosure Statement
  4. Proof of current Kentucky liability insurance in the buyer's name for the purchased vehicle.
  5. Picture identification
  6. Social Security Number for each owner(s) appearing on the title or Federal Tax ID Number for companies
  7. Certified inspection if purchased outside Kentucky. Please park your vehicle in a "Reserved for Auto Inspections" space located in the Helix Garage, adjacent to our building. If you are unable to bring the vehicle to our office, arrangements may also be made for vehicle inspections through the Fayette County Sheriff's Office at (859) 252-1771. Leased vehicles operating on a Kentucky U-Drive-It Permit will not require an inspection.
  8. Title Lien Statement (TC96-187) if applicable, must be provided by the lienholder.

How will Road Usage Tax be calculated?

A 6% Kentucky road usage tax is collected on the retail price. The retail price is either the purchase price or 90% of MSRP. If taxing on the purchase price, the seller must disclose the purchase price on the application (TC96-182), sign as seller and have notarized (See Example). If taxing on MSRP, the manufacturer to dealer invoice or window sticker must be provided.


Title fee:

$   9.00

Clerk fee:

$   6.00

Plate fee:

$ 21.00 annual registration

VIN inspection:

$   5.00

Lien filing fee if applicable:

$ 22.00

Late lien filing penalty if applicable:

$   2.00

Any delinquent property tax owed may prohibit title/registration.

Special plates are available for additional fees. Click here to see our special plates.

Acceptable Methods of Payment